I Propose:


West Jordan faces many challenges as a growing community.  I'm ready to work on addressing them.  Economic growth is key.  

I Believe:


My political philosophy is one that focuses on individual rights and responsibilities.  What impact can we make?

Your Voice:


I want to know about your neighborhood, your experiences as a resident of West Jordan, and your ideas.  Let me share your voice.

Sophie Rice

for Mayor of West Jordan

Find out why Sophie is a candidate for Mayor:


Register to vote!

The deadline to register online to vote is July 29 for the Primary election on August 13.  If you're not registered yet there's still time (and it's easy!) www.vote.utah.gov

Meet the candidates:

July 30 at 7:00 pm at 3878 W Bingham Creek Dr., West Jordan.  Come meet your municipal candidates!

Voting Day:

If you want to vote in person on the day of the election, which is August 13, you can vote at either:

Bingham Creek Library

4834 West 9000 South



West Jordan Library

8030 South 1825 West



"Rise Above"

I’ve chosen “Rise Above” as my campaign slogan, but it’s more than a slogan to me, it’s a personal philosophy.  Constant improvement and growth are my endless focus.  What that means for my mayoral campaign is simple.  I want to see our city maximize its potential.   Currently, only 10% of our residents work within the city.  That’s extremely low in comparison to surrounding cities.  We can rise above 10% and above the cities that are competing for our workforce by  attracting businesses, and we have an opportunity to do so by capitalizing on the travel convenience that the Mountain View Corridor brings, by relieving over-regulation, and by keeping taxes as low as absolutely possible.

Keeping taxes low is accomplished through careful budgeting: making sure the city isn’t using taxpayer dollars to fund anything that is outside the proper scope of government.  That would include cutting social events that cannot be made cost neutral, utilizing proper oversight where money is spent, and holding the county accountable for its expenditures.  Over half of the money taken from our taxpayers’ property taxes goes to the county, not to our city, and they’re raising taxes.  I want to make sure West Jordan is getting a reasonable return on those county taxes.  

We can rise above by giving our city’s image a lift.  We must work completing projects that were abandoned years ago, finish common lands, and beautify our city.  I would like to create a parks district so that the money to take care of our green spaces and parks will be sacrosanct and not beholden to the ebbs and flows of the general fund.   Our city is getting too large to be run like a small city.  We’ve gotten large parks on regional money, lately, but our smaller areas need attention, as do our peace-meal roads which are severely underfunded. 

I am a person who can work with anybody to find common ground and come up with workable solutions.  We can rise above partisanship, negativity, and personal differences.   I want to know what is needed from the people, not dictate my ideas to you.  The mayor is the face of the city and has the ability to set the tone.  That tone has to be uplifting and instill confidence.  We can rise above and bring a more cooperative, attentive tone to the city.

Please, allow me to serve you by voting for me, Sophie Rice for Mayor.